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kamikaze space programme :: stokes croft :: out now on 12"

kamikaze space programme's stokes croft ep is out now. buy it on vinyl or digitally from clone, juno, bleep.

"could prove to be a game-changer for the viennese label and underground electro generally" - 9/10, dj mag

watch the video of choke (feat. emika) on youtube, and preview the release on soundcloud.


dj glow

01.03 loop @ werk /wien


01.09 kookoo @ ohm /berlin

kamikaze space programme + dj glow

03.22 killekill /berlin

dj glow

07.03 la boum deluxe /fm4

dj glow

07.04 prater unser /vienna


wuerfel schmuckelement  

RATIO x SCRAM - resurgence

TRUST resumes its special projects series SCRAM with the return of classic techno project ratio (aka memory foundation and hi-lo) with a massive four-track ep.

RATIO x SCRAM - resurgence is now available as limited 12" vinyl fom clone.

prelisten on soundcloud.


TRUST XV has reached stable orbit, ready for planetfall. TRUST XV is a three-part 12" compilation series, featuring tracks by all TRUST artists, full color printed sleeves by dextro.org, and a short science fiction story, chronicling the fate of an interstellar mining operation on 61 cygnus e.

part one, TRUST XV-I, will be released in mid may 2014 and consists of four new and exclusive tracks by vc-118a, matti turunen, clatterbox and lok44.

'muted world' by the exaltics

it's been a long time coming, but we are finally able to announce the TRUST debut of one of the most interesting and prolific electro artists, the exaltics. their 'muted world' ep will be released on february 4 and is truly something special: four tracks of cinematic, synth-heavy electro plus a banging remix by bristol's kamikaze space programme. prelisten to the ep on soundcloud, preorder from clone.

far fiction session 6: jupiter

for months - or has it been years? - the far fiction probe has been trapped at the bottom of the slow zone, a gravitational anomaly emanating from jupiter's red spot. recalibrating the torn fabric of space time, the far fiction probe is computing an escape trajectory.

... deploying time dilution countermeasure in 5000.0....4999.9....4999.8 ...

this is transmission 6 of 12

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